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The Phoenix Armory

Crested Half Plate

Leather Armor

Show everyone what lands you hail from with these one of a kind armors. Available in two styles, each offer unique options to best suit your needs.

  • Style 1 

Represented by the brown armor pictured, this style is more elegant, fit for royalty observing the battlefields. This option offers more layers allowing for accent colors to be added. A removeable velvet cape is also featured on the back of this armor that matches the colors of your crest. Gussets on the front give this armor options for bust as well to fit a wide range of sizes.

  • Style 2

Represented by the armor in black, this armor is well suited for the common warrior. The front and sides are connected via ties allowing for more adjustability for the wearer. A more simplistic design offers a sleek look that is well suited for the skilled warrior. A perfect addition for any who plan to travel while representing their homeland!

These armors are highly customizable so once an order is placed, we will be reaching out to get your armor designed and fitted to you. Please keep in mind that all orders are made by hand and to order so give us time to get your project perfected. All leather products come with a year warranty on all stitching and hardware. If you don't see the color you want available, message us to see what we can do.
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