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The Phoenix Armory

Light Ruana

Light Weight Celtic Cloak
Breathable and light weight these ruanas are perfect for journeys through warmer lands. These Light Cotton cloaks are ideal for keeping the sun off of you while being light enough to feel the breeze. These are even ideal for a day on the town! These cloaks are unisex so they are perfect for any Viking, monk, ranger, or even you orcs! The Ruana is a highly versatile design allowing the fabric to be worn in many ways. Including as a cloak, skirt, shirt, shawl, or any way you can imagine. 

Your Ruana order will come with a pin to help you style it as you choose. Each one is made by hand so please be sure to give us time to make your order. If you don't see the color you would like message us to see what we can do!
One size fits all. Tax included in price.
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