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The Phoenix Armory

Quiver of the Dragon

Leather Quiver

Commonly found among the people who worship the great dragon. This is a vital accessory for any archer or assassin. This quiver offers many features, sure to leave the skilled archer impressed. 

  • Arrow dividers give you three sections to keep your different arrows well organized.
  • Button attachment points allows you to easily put on and remove the quiver without having to take off your belt.
  • Slim design allows you to traverse through the forest with a lessened concern for getting snagged.
  • Optional added backstrap for an added way to carry your arrows.
Please keep in mind that all orders are made by hand and to order so give us time to get your project perfected. All leather products come with a year warranty on all stitching and hardware. If you don't see the color you want available, message us to see what we can do.

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